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Forest School

Welcome to Forest School!

Our forest school site was opened for use in February of 2014 and is run by Mrs White. It is located at the end of the school playing field and accessed via a path that runs along the side of the field. Although we call it a forest, it is more of a wooded area. We have however already planted over 700 trees to extend the site in the future. A big thank you to all the children, parents and friends who gave up time to help us on our big tree planting day. Also the Mersey Forest and Woodland Trust who funded the day.

Already within the forest we have two bug hotels, rooms available for all mini beasts! An area to grow wildflowers, den building materials, a tool area, mud kitchen and of course our base camp. The children in ECO club are going to re-cycle the shredded paper from school to make logs for us to burn on our camp fire.

The children from the Foundation Stage spend half a day each week for 8 weeks at the site. Children learn best from first hand experiences; exploring, playing and so learning. They are involved in a range of activities, designed by the leaders/class teachers and instigated by the children themselves.

If you would like any more information on our Forest School you can pick up a leaflet in school. Or pop in to speak to Mrs White.


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