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Art Curriculum

Art Vision

Our vision in Art is to provide an art curriculum that stimulates creativity, imagination and exploration by providing opportunities to develop skills, concepts and knowledge of artists. Our children explore their ideas through the use of colour, texture, form and pattern, using a range of materials and processes.

We want to embed the key art and design skills to allow our children the freedom to explore art and express their individuality.

We want our children to ask questions and be inspired, motivated and engage in the joy of discovery.



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2








Year 1



-Develop an awareness that a sculpture is viewed from all angles (3 dimensionally).

-Begin to develop simple 3D representations using a range of sources.

-Create simple sculptures using a variety of resources.

Shadow pictures

-Mix primary colour in order to make secondary colours.

-Use a colour wheel to identify the colours to mix.

-Apply paint using different applicators. -Hold applicators correctly.

-Learn whole school painting skills.




-Examine different textiles with a simple repeat pattern.

-Develop skills of cutting, tearing, fringing, fraying, twisting and shaping paper.

-Produce a paper weave pattern.

Year 1 (ongoing)

Line, Shape and Form

Introduce a range of tools which can produce marks on a variety of backgrounds.

Use parts of a pencil to create different mark making.

To begin to produce simple observational drawings of objects.


To develop accuracy in cutting and tearing.

To further refine gluing skills, spreading, using appropriate, amounts etc.

Year 2


Clay Diwali candle holders

-Use a range of materials creatively to design and make products.



William Morris Wallpaper

-Use different mediums to develop a wide range of art techniques.



-Collage using a range of materials to design a product.

Year 3


-Learn about the simple colour wheel and be able to mix simple colours (pink, orange, purple, green and brown).

-Learn to apply paints with control and using the correct equipment.


-To produce a simple print block using card, string and other materials.


-Use a simple cross stitch on binca to create a pattern.

-Weave a simple loom with wool.



-Curl, scrunch, shape, tear and cut.

Line and Form

-Know that sculpture can be created by the removal of material as well as adding material.

Line, Shape and Form

-Look closely during observational drawing.

-Appreciate that ‘tones’ can provide depth in drawings

-Draw using a range of media.

-Use viewing frames to focus on detail.

-Know that things further away in a composition are smaller.

-Use gouging and scraping techniques on a flat clay tile.


Year 4


-Create a wide range of tones using graded drawing pencils

-Know that things are further away are lighter and greyer.

Create a pre-formed mask

-Create tone by layering and cutting with more accuracy.



-Mix graduations of one colour.


-Produce complementary print blocks to create repeating or layers designs.

-Use colour to enhance final designs.




-Sew a simple product using blanket stitch.

-Practise weaving techniques.  


-Use a simple colour palette to create different effects.



Year 5

Creating depth and illusion

-Demonstrate the illusion of depth using tones and lines with white and black with charcoal and pastel

-Introduce the idea of hatching.

-Use viewing frames to focus on detail and have a basic understanding of perspective.

-Use gouging to create a print block in lino.



Sculpture (Art/D&T)

-Use wire to create a sculpture.


-Apply paint with increased control.

-Choose and use the correct size brush.

-Use different types of paint for different effects.

-Use black and white to make different tones of one colour.

-Mix 3 different colours to make a colour e.g. flesh tones.


-Use binca to create a piece of sewing with more complicated stitches and create a design.

-Explore past and present dying techniques (tie dye) including designs from other countries and cultures (African tie dying).

Year 6



-Combine wire sculpture and papier mache to create a more robust piece.

-Embellish with a variety of materials in an appropriate way.

-Look at sculptures from a range of countries and cultures.


-Combine stitches and sewing techniques to create a product.

-Embellish using different stitches or with design on binca.

-Weave a background and embellish with collage and/or stitching.

-Use knowledge of embroidery to produce sewn items linked to topic work.

-Use precise skills of cutting, layering etc. to create collages using a range of fabrics and materials.

-Select and apply collage techniques appropriately to satisfy artistic expression.

Colour, Line, Shape and Form

-Create the illusion of depth using line, tone and hatching with increasing skill.

-Draw using a range of media.

-Look closely during observational drawing.

-Use viewing frames to focus on detail.

-Compose pictures with foreground and background, applying skills of perspective.

-Mix any colour needed without help.

-Apply paint with increasing control and choose the correct brush size.

-Use different types of paint for effects.

-Use a combination of all printing techniques to create a design.

-Use increasing skill to create more intricate blocks.



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