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We follow the National Curriculum Science Programmes of Study. The fundamental skills, knowledge and concepts of the subject are categorised into four areas of content.

1.         Working Scientifically

2.         Biology

3.         Chemistry

4.         Physics

Working scientifically is developed and embedded throughout the three other areas of content with an emphasis on scientific enquiry.  This applies at both Key Stages.

Children will be encouraged to ask questions about the areas under investigation and use a variety of approaches to develop their understanding of scientific ideas and answer relevant scientific questions.  As children progress from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 they will be encouraged to extend their skills at planning scientific enquiries, recording data and obtaining and considering evidence.  Children at Key Stage 2 will consider fair testing criteria. Throughout both Key Stages children will be given opportunities to develop their use of scientific language when discussing their ideas and communicating findings.

Children will be given the opportunity to use both first-hand experience and secondary sources to obtain information.

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