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Sports Premium Report

Sankey Valley St James Primary School Sport Premium Report 2016 – 2017

For the academic year 2015-2016 the school received approximately £8821 income to spend on school PE and Sport. The school has planned to use this funding in a variety of ways to improve and develop teaching and learning of PE across the whole school, as well as encouraging children to lead healthy lifestyles, enjoy PE and Sport and experience high quality teaching. We will also develop opportunities for competitive sport. The funding aims have a lasting impact on provision of PE and sport within our school.

Spending and Impact of PE Funding



Staff Involved

Proposed Impact

 Specialist PE teacher to  lead whole school CPD  and undertake paired  teaching and  observations.


 PE subject leader,

 PE coach

 All staff

 This will enable whole school PE curriculum  to have a more defined structure. High  quality PE lessons will be delivered to each  class (one lesson per week in KS2 and KS1  and shorter fundamental skills sessions for  Foundation stage) and class teachers will be  able to observe and work alongside the  specialist PE coach.

 Cluster PE Competition  Provisions (Paid to the  lead High School). 


 PE subject Leader

 This is continuing from the previous 2 years  as the children all enjoyed being able to  engage in competitive games against other  schools.

 Therefore, this year the focus is more on  embedding the skills being taught and learnt  from the previous year.  

 School PE kit for outdoor  weather/reserve kit.  


 PE subject Leader

 Head Teacher

 We are planning to invest some money in  having reserve outdoor kits for children in  school, including jackets and jogging pants    to allow for all children to participate in PE  lessons.  

 PE website subscription.


 PE subject leader, all  staff.

 This will help with staff confidence and  assist in planning quality, progressive lessons.

 Transport to PE  competitions


 PE subject leader,  Head teacher.

 This will enable a school sports team(s) to  attend any bespoke tournaments separate  to the cluster PE competition, for example,  tag rugby or tennis tournaments.

 Training of PE subject  leader and other staff in  school. (Cover for supply  to attend training and  cost of courses)


 PE subject leader

 All staff

 This will improve staff confidence and ability  in teaching different aspects and areas of  PE. Staff will be able to attend training  courses of interest and then feedback to all  staff to develop CPD.

 PE resources/equipment


 PE subject leader

 All staff

 We are again allocating some of the funding  towards ensuring that resources and  equipment is kept up to date and that the  curriculum is well resourced.

 Total spent


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