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Welcome to Reception

In our class we have two teachers, Mrs Thomason and Mrs Kemsley and our teaching assistants are, Miss Williams and Mrs Burrows. Our planning and teaching in Reception is done around the children’s individual needs and interests in accordance with the seven areas of the EYFS. We view all seven areas with equal importance. The seven areas are: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Some of our teaching is done through adult led activities and some of our learning is through child initiated play. This is done through free choice of exciting, thoughtful enhancements to our continuous provision.

Listed below are some of the skills we will teach through adult led activities:


To hear and say initial sounds

Recognise and begin to write words

Read High Frequency Words

Read Tricky Words and understand that they can’t be sounded out


Use picture books to make up their own stories

Read their own name

Begin to read CVC word (cat, dog, sun)

Orally blend and segment words

Discuss characters in stories, events and make predictions about what might happen next

Begin weekly guided reading


Practice writing own name

Practice correct formation of letters

Independent mark making/writing

Begin to sound out and make phonetically plausible attempts to spell


Counting to 10 and beyond

Count 1:1

Recognise the numerals 0-10 and beyond

Find one more/less than numbers 1-10

Correct formation of numbers 1-10

Use everyday language linked to time, size and money

Begin to use language to describe 2D shapes

Use shapes to make models, pictures and patterns


We value the inside and outside classroom with equal importance, and understand that children need to be able to access the outside environment in all weathers to achieve their full potential.  Our top priority is that we create a stimulating, relevant, safe environment we want every second spent with us to be action packed and exciting.






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