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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

My name is Miss Shannon and I am the Year 5 teacher. Mrs. Williams is also in our class and she is the teaching assistant. As Year 5 are some of the oldest children in the school, we make sure we always set a great example for the younger children and begin to take on more roles and responsibilities around the school. We encourage children to become independent learners who persevere and approach their learning with confidence.

English and Maths

Each morning, we have English and Maths lessons. We also have a spelling session each week and three guided reading sessions per week. 

In English, we explore a range of texts and write for different audiences and purposes. We develop our sentence structures and look at different techniques to make our writing more effective. In reading, we work on developing our inference skills and focus on giving evidence to justify our answers. 

In Maths, we build on learning from previous years by applying methods to numbers up to 1 million. We enjoy spending time working with practical resources to support our problem solving and reasoning skills. We also take part in active maths lesson too by combining P.E. and maths!


Each afternoon is spent focusing on our R.E., History, Geography, Science, Computing, Art, Music, PSHE and Design & Technology learning. Each half term our unit of work changes and there are often links between some of the subjects. We have a specialist P.E. teacher, Mr. Standing, who leads our P.E. sessions every Tuesday. 



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